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  Cut in my lug
Posted by: w1ndh0rse - 06-09-2016, 03:28 PM - Forum: Frame & Forks - Replies (1)

I've owned this bike (1977 Schwinn Le Tour III) for about a month. For all I know, this has been there the entire time and I didn't notice it. It looks like someone took a tiny saw or something and cut into the lug. It looks to perfect to be a crack. I'm a novice when it comes to bike repair and I'm looking to learn what this might be. Is it a repair to a crack? Should I be looking for a new frame?

[Image: pmHFr3Xcj]

  Front derailleur drags on middle chainring?
Posted by: fionn88 - 06-09-2016, 01:21 PM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (1)

Hi guys -- I'm new to the forum. Thanks for reading.

I'm fixing up a bike I've had for ~15 years that, sadly, I wasn't able to maintain. The bike is an 18-speed Royce Union mountain bike. Aside from new tubes/tires and a new chain, everything else is original (thumb shifters, both derailleurs are Shimano).

The original chain was just too rusted, so I replaced it, and it runs nicely now. Almost. It's fine on the granny chainring, and it's fine on the big ring, but when it's on the middle ring (the one that I tend to use the most), the chain drags across the inside of the derailleur cage. Previously (when I had been maintaining this bike regularly before knee issues made riding a nightmare), I had had to adjust the low limit on the derailleur to keep it from dragging when it was on the granny ring, and it had been fine until I had to stop riding.

I'm planning on using this as a commuter bike for the next year or so, not for trails or long treks (not yet, anyway).

Any thoughts on what I can do to fix the chain drag on the middle chainring? Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated!

  Rear derailleur rolling chain off
Posted by: It's your boy - 06-05-2016, 04:36 PM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - No Replies

Hello I recently got my hands on a 99 trek 6000 and I have been working on it in my free time. When I try to ride it the back chain keeps going down in the gears until it pops off the gear on my wheel help!!

  Cycling in Central Ukraine 2. Taras Schevchenko Places
Posted by: dmytro_goncharenko - 06-01-2016, 11:12 PM - Forum: Bicycle Culture - No Replies

Date: 16-17, April 2016. (2 days)
Distance: 170 Km (around 106 miles)
Longest distance per day: 95km (59 miles)
Participants: 2 persons

[Image: road-1024x610.jpg]

We have met this figure just after start of the trip. It was part of the wooden sculpture group near the entrance to the forest road.

[Image: CAM01152.jpg]

As for me it looks like a pre-christian idol or just a depressive mushroom.

The places to visit:

Besides cute spring nature and surprisingly good and empty roads – there are two places to visit in this area: Moryntsi village, where is  Taras Shevchenko was born. His poetry was inspired by this place, its quite energy and he  have lost his virginity somewhere around in his 13, which is indirectly mentioned in one of his poems.

Open air museum in Moryntsi village.

The fact is that this type of building are super eco-friendly and they were naturally integrated in to landscape.  A kind of local Feng Shui.

[Image: 34240164-768x576.jpg]

Traditional Ukrainian home “Khata”.

[Image: CAM01169.jpg]

Due to short trip time – all my bike bags and backpack were half-empty. The custom frame bag was constructed by me and I considered it like 80% successful. There are few improvements needed, such as one one more additional mounting point and smartphone pocket depth Smile.

[Image: CAM01164.jpg]

Camp before Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi.  We have used light tent (1.2kg) as a part of lightweight bike touring.

Also we have successfully tested dehydrated hiking food manufactured in Ukraine. It keeps national cuisine taste.

[Image: camp-768x576.jpg]

Ros River
[Image: 34240189-768x1024.jpg]

A palace of the family of Lopukhinykh-Demydovykh in Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi.

[Image: CAM01204.jpg]

Old, almost abandoned exhibition of old army equipment near palace of the family of Lopukhinykh-Demydovykh. This one is one of the first Soviet jet planes (1955).

[Image: CAM01212.jpg]


Central Ukraine remains a kind of “terra incognita” for hiking/cycling tourist. I’m not sure if there is some sense to come here just with tourist reason, but is you are already in Ukraine and have some time – there is sense for bike touring.


  • Use your MTB/hardtail bike instead of road bike. Roads surface can be on horrible level and looks like a moon surface. At the same time – almost all the roads during this trip was normal and has almost no traffic.
  • There is no much English-speaking people in villages,  but you can try to talk nerdy young people in cities. Ukraine is country of IT outsource, just lookup for coders around you.
  • You can take your bike to local trains, but there is no place for bike in a buses.
  • It’s quite safety in a village area, during years of hiking/cycling I had no one incident. At the same time – avoid placing your tent inside of city parks.

  setting up disc brakes on a frame not made for disc breaks
Posted by: Deadguy - 06-01-2016, 08:53 AM - Forum: Brakes & Levers - No Replies

My bike was stolen and i recently got it back... but some of the parts where switched out. They replaced my 27.5 inch forks with 26 inch shocks(pretty nice ones though) and my 27.5 single gear wheel with a 26 inch mtb wheel with a disc break disc on it. Finding a 27.5 has not been easy. And my breaks wont reach the 26 inch rim. I was thinking about ringing up some kind of extension to mount the break pads on.. then a friend said he had a disc break set up. But i dont have the mount holes on my fram for it.
Is there some kind of adapter i can mount on my frame to make it work with the disc breaks?

Any other ideas on how to rig breaks on it are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  Hello Again! 80 Peugeot, 79 Gitane Mixte
Posted by: JanJ - 05-28-2016, 06:53 PM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (1)

Hello from NC!   Have been away a while....
Update of the 2 bikes I overhauled 1.5 years ago...

Peugeot got damaged during move, and Mayflower didn't cover it, even with my appeal...  So I dis-assembled derailleur, bent it back, and re-assembled it.. Rode it a few times..... Appears to be normal.... (I've had No issue with the ceramic bearings in Peugeot)

Gitane did not get damaged during move, but still throws chain on reverse pedaling (something that caused my mom to stop riding in 1980's).   My overhaul, steel bearings made chain issues better, but not perfect.

Daughter going to visit us, and wants to ride bikes...

So today I built the 3 bike receiver hitch carrier that's been sitting un-opened for 2+ years, and

both bikes now a Local Bike Shop for a look-see...
(Guy owns a 1982 Peugeot, and is familiar with Peugeot & Gitane's) 
I told him  I did  tear down and rebuild with new bearings, cables, brake pads.

He Did quick examine both and said they were both in very good shape...

  Rear Derailleurs
Posted by: Simon1001 - 05-28-2016, 05:02 PM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (1)


My rear derailleur is horizontal to the bike frame as opposed to vertical.

I can see no obvious reason for this and am unsure of how to fix it.

The bike was shifting just fine until I literally put it down, picked it back up and went to take off and the rear derailleur had the before mentioned issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  7 speed bike / 5 speed shifter handle
Posted by: 6716 - 05-22-2016, 02:14 AM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (1)

So I picked up a newer Schwinn Jaguar off of craigslist for my son.

This is the first bike I've had around in probably 30 years.

The guy I bought it from pointed out that he had replaced the broken stock 7-speed shifter handle with a 5-speed shifter handle. It rides fine and everything else seems to work. The kid wanted it so we brought it home.

I notice that first gear on the shifter is on the third largest sprocket.

Effectively the bike is set up for gears 3-7 at the moment. If I wanted to gear it down is there a way to set it to go from 2-6 or 1-5? Or is that the natural order of things that you work up from the smallest sprocket on the cassette and work your way up?

The kid is happy enough with it at the moment so it isn't an urgent thing.

I also see that I can buy a 7-speed shifter on line. Is there any magic to selecting the right one of those if I were to look at replacing the shifter?


  Single Speed Freewheel Removal Tool?
Posted by: !TREK4ME! - 05-21-2016, 01:34 AM - Forum: Chain, Chainrings & Sprockets - Replies (2)

Hey Guys,

Have a BMX bike that the single speed freewheel is worn out on. The problem is that the freewheel was installed backwards. So, the notches that the freewheel tool would grab on to the freewheel to remove, are on the inside of the wheel next to the spokes. 

There are two small holes that are 180 degrees apart from each other on the outside of the freewheel. 

Is there a tool to use these holes to get the freewheel off?... 

or is there another way to remove the freewheel? 


  Repairing rusted chainstays on old Dawes
Posted by: stillstanden - 05-18-2016, 09:21 PM - Forum: Frame & Forks - Replies (2)

This is my grandmother's beautiful old Dawes racer from the 60s/70s.
I intended to rebuild it to use as a commuter bike at uni. However I quickly discovered some really bad rust on the chainstays and a sizeable hole to boot. What I'm wandering is this - is it possible to fix this and who could I get to do it? Bear in mind that the clearance around the wheel (using 28mm tyres) is really minimal so any repair would have to be very precise and delicate so that the tyre wouldn't rub.
See photos below.

Thank you.

[Image: rT7XNV.jpg]

[Image: pdYioo.jpg]

  Pairing dropbars levers with a flat-bar bike
Posted by: wtherapy - 05-17-2016, 04:21 AM - Forum: Brakes & Levers - Replies (2)


I am interested in buying a fitness Canyon bike that can be seen at:

My primary goal with it is to use it with drop handlebars and I'm not interested in a regular road bike since this one supports wider tires (I'm about 95 kg weight), hydraulic disc brakes and I also want a big top tube to get a big seat post angle (with a Profile Design Fast-Forward seat post, the seat post angle can be increased by about 5 deg). My question is - can I use one of them:

with my own drop-handlebar and have it work without problems with the bike? If yes, can I use them with the brakes provided with the bike at canyon or do I need new brakes?

Thank you.

  Derailleur Spring - how to put it back on?
Posted by: thuzmund - 05-14-2016, 02:03 AM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (2)

Hi everyone,

I am very new to bicycle mechanics, trying to get an old mountain bike running better. As I was scrubbing off years of gunk from the chain and derailleur, a piece popped off. I have included pics.!1924&authkey=!ACOzLRPoJQNHcCY&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg!1925&authkey=!AG-eux3wziP2kcs&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg!1926&authkey=!AKwpuGRA42PvKe0&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg

There is a spring, and a hole apparently for the spring on one side. On the other side, I don't know how to assemble things back properly. I didn't think to take a picture of the assembly before that part removed itself!

I have tried to find a parts diagram but my bicycle is rather old. The spring looks like the one here, but mine doesn't have a threaded male post.

I can see that my derailleur reads "Shimano SIS," no additional numbers or anything.

I have a feeling that a retaining clip may have popped off, based on a groove I see in the male post. But also, the spring looks like it extends so as to lock itself into place somewhere with the female bracket. Try as I might, I cannot seem to exert the force to twist the spring 180 degrees to get it housed.

Any ideas would be great, because this has really challenged me! I wonder if I am approaching it wrong.

Thank you, I hope your experience can help me!

  Fixing up Dawes Discovery 201eq gents 2011
Posted by: dahe5575 - 05-10-2016, 11:45 AM - Forum: General Questions - Replies (3)

Hi all,
I have a Dawes Discovery 201eq gents from 2011 that I want to fix up after a couple of years without use. The goal is to get it into good enough shape that I can use it for commuting and some training. I know it's not ideal for training, but I can't afford a road bike at the moment. Also I need the Dawes bike for occasional family trips (with kid on the back) so that's why I want to fix it up rather than save up and buy a road bike right away.

Here are the original specs for the bike along with some status of them:

Frame type:             7005 aluminum (22 inch)
Fork type:                Hi-tensile steel
Rims type:        Alloy with CNC sidewall - ZC1000 rims by Alex(back wheel misshaped)
Hub front:        Alloy 36H
Hub rear:          Alloy 36H
Spokes:            14G steel
Tyres:              Kenda K-948 700 x 35c (broken)
Skewers:                QR
Shifters:            Shimano EF-50 21 speed (rusty wires)
Front derailleur: Shimano FD-C051
Rear derailleur: Shimano RD-TX51
Crankset:         48/38/28T with 170mm alloy crank (completely broken)
Cassette:           Shimano 14-34T (rusty)
Pedals:             Black resin with grey grip (completely broken)
Bottom bracket:   Semi-cartridge
Seat post:         Alloy 27.2mmx350mm
Saddle:             Dawes sports
Handlebars:       Steel riser
Stem:               Alloy quill
Headset:             Threaded 1.1/8”
Brakes:             Alloy V-brake (rusty wires, needs new pads at least)
Chain:               KMC Z51 (rusty)
Brake levers:       Shimano

So basically at bare minimum, I need to replace the crankset, pedals, tyres and do something about the slightly misshaped back wheel.

Any suggestions on what I should buy keeping in mind that I do want to use the bike for training as well as commuting? I would like to keep the total cost under 350-400$ and with that at least make it an upgrade over the original specs (since otherwise I might as well buy a cheap new commuter bike).
I'm open to all suggestions and if there's a good bike I could buy new that would be superior for my purposes and in my price range I'd be open for that too.

Thanks for the help. Let me know if there is any other info I can provide.

  Remove chain from front derailleur
Posted by: rider2 - 05-05-2016, 02:19 AM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (1)

I got a Shimano tourney front derailleur on my bike. Need to replace it. How to get the chain out?. I hope, I do not have to break a link on the chain. I see a rivet in one end of the metal. I do not see screw or  bolt tightening the two ends.

  Working on a Genesis V2100
Posted by: T-Box - 04-30-2016, 10:40 PM - Forum: General Questions - No Replies

I like the current frame of the V2100, its why I purchased it last June. Also, I am by no means a "serious" mtb'r and former dirt/vert rider, but being older now I generally ride in the city but dont care much for road bikes as sometimes I like to trail ride, so, that being said I do plan on upgrading everything on this frame, but not with any expensive components ofc.

My main question - Are there any decent BB/cranksets that will fit this frame...SRAM...anything other than the stock garbage, and yes I noticed that all hardware and components are junk.
I have seen other V2100 with upgraded shocks, front and rear so know thats not an issue, and ofc wheel set is basically a no brainer unless your a serious enthusiast.

Im assuming this would get me started, Shimano UN55 68 113 BB Square Taper Bottom Bracket?

Any and all information is gladly appreciated, Thank you.

  Need to press twice to get to lower clog
Posted by: dude - 04-30-2016, 01:10 PM - Forum: Derailleurs & Shifters - Replies (2)

I followed the instructions in this video
but I still have the same problem on a Shimano Sora race bike.

With the front derailleur, when I want to switch down from a larger clog to a smaller one, I always have to press the shifter twice: the first time moves the derailleur just a little bit and the second time does the job.

Any hint?

  New cartridge BB stiff
Posted by: Tcuzz - 04-28-2016, 06:24 PM - Forum: Bottom Brackets - Replies (2)

Just replaced my bb sealed unit.  Taken it for a test ride and it seems really stiff any suggestions to cause.  Doing a long charity bike ride Sunday and need to sort it before then

Any advice great fully received

  1977 Huffy Sun Country
Posted by: cafilb - 04-26-2016, 06:46 PM - Forum: Bikes & Components - No Replies

My wife won a 1977 Huffy Sun Country on a local auction. This bike is equipped with a 3 speed hub. I am assuming that the bike was probably never properly maintained. I sprayed Gum-out into the hub to wash out the old oil/grease. My question is what type of oil and how much is needed. I have been thinking of using a light oil such as 3-in-1.

  Chain ring compatibity
Posted by: Jro3 - 04-26-2016, 11:53 AM - Forum: Chain, Chainrings & Sprockets - Replies (1)

I have an older(vintage) bicycle, it,s a 7 speed using suntour radius parts. I want to change out my chain ring. Some say compatible with 9 or 10 speed, does it really matter? If I buy the same rings as 52/42 with the right BCD.

  Chain skips
Posted by: jacke - 04-19-2016, 04:14 AM - Forum: Chain, Chainrings & Sprockets - Replies (1)

I have a Bianchi with SRAM Red components.  The cassette is a 11-28 10 speed.  The crank is 53-39.  I recently put on a new SRAM 10 speed chain and the chain skipped while riding when I was applying heavy pressure to the pedals.  I then put the old chain back on and the problem went away.  It feels as if the skipping is coming from the cassette rather than the crank.  I tried it again with yet another new chain and had the same problem.  Is it possible that the cassette has worn with the chain and it won't work with a new chain?  I thought I might ask before spending the money on a new cassette.

Thank you,


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