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Chain skipping on smallest rear cog
The bike is a early 80's Peugeot that appears to have many of the original parts. I put a new chain on the bike and adjusted the gears while on the stand it it seemed to work fine. But, once it got off the stand, I noticed that it was doing a lot of skipping only when I was on the smallest rear cog. It did not make a difference what front chainring was engaged.

The freewheel looks like it's in decent condition, but it that probably the cause of the skipping? It only does it when on the smallest and otherwise the bike seems to shift fine. Reading the other threads on this issue, it sounds like it is the freewheel, but wanted to get an opinion from someone that may have had or seen a similar problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi buzz,

Often when you replace a chain, but not the freewheel, there will be skipping. The chain and freewheel will wear out together. I'd recommend replacing the freewheel as well, should solve your problem!
Thanks Alex. That is what I thought. I may just end up replacing the back wheel and making it a SS anyway.

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