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Repairing Mavic Crossmax SL Tubeless?
After putting a new tire on my rear wheel it no longer held air. I put soapy solution on tire to find air was escaping via the inside (it's not the rims) and exiting where the spokes connect. Any suggestions on places that repair wheels? I suspect my bike store will try to sell me a new wheel, which seems crazy.

Alternatively, any techniques out there to isolate where leak is on the inside of Tire/Rim?

Other note: Stan's is not sealing the leak.

Your bike shop won't try to sell you a new wheel (unless they are really dishonest).

Sounds like you might be missing the rimstrip? It's a strip of rubber or tape that goes around the inside of the rim to cover the spoke ends. If you take the tire and tube off and can see the spokes through the rim then you'll have to install one.

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