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Weird clunking noise
hi i have just got my bike bake from repair which i had a new crank/bottom bracket fitted since i got it back i've had a weird clunking type noise which i think my be coming from the rear hub there is a bit of play in the cassette but i don't think the free hub body sounds so smooth when the cassette was off but i have no idea as i got the bike from the net i would have to send it back which i don't want to do i also put some new pedals on which didn't make a difference so any help would be great, thanks.

Hard to diagnose without more detail. Could you bring it back to the shop that did the bottom bracket? If the sound started after they did work, they should at least check it out for you to see what's wrong.

For diagnosing:
- is the noise in time with the rotation of the wheel, rotation of the pedals, something else?
- only when pedaling or all the time?
- affected by how hard you're pedalling?
- In all gears or only some?
heello people i have a bit of a pro with i think might be the same thing but im not sure i post a vid on you tube and here the link

just wanna know what it is making the sound so i can fix it

thanks for taking the time to help much appreciated

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