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Coloured Brake Pads
I was going to replace my worn black ones with yellow ones, my bike frame is red with yellow stickers, grips, bottle cages and pedals so it will continue the theme.

Just wanted to know if they any good and do they stain the wheel rim at all over time?
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I only use salmon kool stops on my LHT. But yellow would be nice to look at. I think you would be better off with salmon kool stops my self I need to be able to stop more than to look cool on it lol. Just my 2 cents on it anyway.
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
+1 on the KoolStop salmon brake pads. Tried other brands and was not impressed with the performance. Especially the Shimano standard road pads that came with the 105 brakes performed... well... not well.
Another vote for the Kool Stop pads... best pads you can buy!

As for yellow pads, I don't think they'll stain your rim. Keep in mind colored pads are usually softer than black pads so they do wear out a bit quicker.
I've always been very happy with Kool Stops too. I also agree with Alex about colored pads in general being softer than black ones.
Yeah, but I believe softer pads don't wear the rim down as fast as harder pads (though rims are also consumables in my opinion).
I'd go for stopping power! It is very necessary in the city conditions I have to deal with: unobservant motorists and quite silly pedestrians (they don't hear you coming).

I fitted some ceramic rim brake pads to a non-ceramic rim because that was all they had (see thread 'Why ceramic rims only')- still they survived the distance. Been replaced since... Go for yellow if you wish but if, with what the others say here, you may take a compromise.
Thanks for the replies, I need to replace the black ones I got on at the moment so just fancied trying something a bit different, I think I'll go for the yellow ones just to see what they are like.

My bike has been laid up for the winter so i'm doing an overhaul on the bike ready for the british summer when it finally gets here, I thought brakes should be top of that list.
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England

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