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Nearly Stripped Head of Limit Screw
I've been adjusting the front derailleur on a Klein Mantra Comp, and because the limit screws are in a weird position, I think I partially stripped the head of the H-limit screw. Is there any place I can go to buy a new limit screw?? or am i screwed?
The front derailleur is an older Shimano XTR
try your local bike shop, and check if they have 1...usally they are loaded with nuts and screws.
You can try one of three options:
1. Contact Shimano's Customer Support by going to or
2. Look on Ebay for the same derailler or
3. Get a newer derailler.

I know I am missing an option but finding limit screws is not an easy thing. Atleast that I know of. Maybe someone else will have a better option.


Or just try a LBS like viet said lol.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
I would expect the screw to be a standard metric thread so should be easy to find one at your local hardware shop or LBS. Your LBS may have one from an old scrap derailleur.
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Would a hardware store have one to match up? Oops, just spotted Cycleruk's reply. Smile

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(03-20-2010, 09:49 PM)KC-Steve Wrote:  Would a hardware store have one to match up? Oops, just spotted Cycleruk's reply. Smile


Remove the old one and take it to the store. If you put it against the side of a new one then the threads should mesh perfectly to prove it.
Obviously the diameter should be the same as well!
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