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ASA BMX Triples
Just came back from the kick off of the asa big air triples competition with my son. Lots of cool tricks and some spills. I never got into riding bmx bikes but the convocation center here in Dekalb where the event took place is 5 min from my house so I couldn't resist.

12 top competitors from around the world, mainly the US, battled it out head to head that left one man standing taking with him 20k in prize money.

If you get the chance to go to one I recommend it what a blast!!

On guy had his chain break on him as he hit the ramp coming down I heard that one. He was alright as well as all the other riders the wiped out. I wondered if all those guys work on their own bikes but I would doubt it with all the sponsorships but then again they do love to ride so I wouldn't be surprised if some do.
If I ever get a chance I will be sure to check one out. Can't say about them working on their own bikes or not. If they are sponsored by LBS then they probably don't except for the major stuff. 20k is a lot of money these days Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
The twelve-man field, which consisted of several X Games gold medalists, world champions and former Triples champions, was separated into two-man battles with the best man in each pairing advancing to the next round. Cranmer advanced to the finals as the winner of each of his battles, but Nyquist made his way to the finals via a new feature added to the Triples script in 2010 - the Battle Back Round.

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