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Change chains, possible? or new chain?
I'm new on this forum and i have a few questions, but my english isn't so well, because i speak dutch, so excuse me for that.
My question:
I had 2 old bikes (X and Y to make it simple) with both 5 gears. The X-bike had a problem with his cassette and Y had not a chain. So I decide to bring over the chain from X to Y, but is this possible? bike Y has a new front sprocket-wheel, but an old cassette.
So is it possible and recommended to change the chain by the old one from X? Or is it better to buy a new chain? and do I have to buy new sprockets then?(or they still available at the stores) and where do i have to keep an eye on, while changing the chains?
thanks and kind regards, filip.

It depends how worn your chain is. Look at the tutorial
And of course, how worn the rear sprockets of the thread-on freewheel are (5 speeds on the rear = most probably thread-on freewheel, see ). So: in principle it can be done. A new chain for a 5 speed is about 10€, on the other hand... a 6 speed freewheel could be compatible, they are sometimes still sold. For compatibility look at the table at

thanks for the reply,
but isn't there a bigger change that the new chain slips over the sprockets, than the older one?

i had forgot something, that is maybe crucial: The chains don't slip over the sprockets, before the change, so I suppose the chains of bike X and Y are in good condition before the chain of bike Y was broken... Maybe this changes something.

Well... the chain and sprockets can be worn to the same degree. Well, yu could just give it a try. If you encounter problems, check for chain and sprocket wear.

ok, in a few weeks I will change it when I have some time, thanks for the answers!


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