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Tire size for rim question
Bought a Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset and immediately put 622-28 Continental Ultragatorskin tires on. No problems with the tire installation, a bit of a struggle to get on but not unusual, and they look fine.

However recently went onto the Fulcrum website and downloaded their owners manual pdf. Discovered that they recommend 23 - 25 mm tires for the rims. The rim is rated ETRTO size: 622x15C. (This size rim in say Mavic Kysrium elite is compatible with 19-28mm diameter tires.)

So question - what is likely to happen if I leave the the 28 tires on the rims? They seem to fit ok. Seem tight to the rim. Anyone?
I will admit that I am not much of a pro at this , but they recommend 23mm to 25mm for the wheel. You put on 28mm. If it is tight and supposedly bigger then it should be fine. Although I really have not got that far into metric sizes for tires it does sound ok. Here is a little link that may shed some light on tires for you, I use it myself.
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Hm, it might work out. The probability for the tyre to be stripped off the wheel when cornering fast is a bit higher than with the recommended sizes. There is probably a margin though, they usually give quite conservative estimates there (liability etc.). You went with a width that is 12% larger than recommended, keep that in mind.
Hi Cate;

Scroll down to the chart at the bottom of this page:
I do not think that you'll have any issues.

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