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Derailluer problem on restored bike
i recently found an old fuji tivoli, probably early or mid 80's judging by the pastel sea foam green color (repainted forest green). it was sitting in the basement of a small office house on the property of the car dealership i work at. anyway the all the components on the bike cleaned up nicely, replaced the chain, cables, jockey wheels, overhauled every bearing on the bike, blah blah blah. now every gear shifts smoothly, a little noisy when the chain goes through the rear derailleur but not bad. the problem is when the chain is on the bigger chain ring and the smallest cassette gear, it seems to slip, but when i shift the front deraileur to the small chain ring the skipping goes away. so i dont think the problem is a long chain, a worn rear derailleur tension spring or improper cable tension. any ideas anyone?

probably u need to adjust u rear derailleur check in this video.
How To Adjust Your Rear Derailleur
After taking a look at the link tino gave check this one out...
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thanks Bill for the Help

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