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Entry level hybrid CCM Nevada ?
Hello forum,
This site is most comprehensive and organized. Thanks tutor... great job!

My dilemma...
New to the sport (need the exercise) and I bought the bike stated in the title (CCM Nevada).
The first one from Canadian Tire was grinding (pedals crank or bearings, not sure). I take the bike back for a replacement and now the second one has a terrible pop coming through the left crank/pedal when force is applied. It's brand new.
Is this thing a lemon? Should I take it back again? The others on the floor had too much play in the BB area when I twist the crank by hand as well.
Any recommendations are appreciated.
The specs look like a pretty basic bike, but it should be adequate for casual riding. Maybe the problem is the shop where you bought it. No new bike should have play in the BB so if they all do, either the bikes are junk or the shop has no idea how to set up a bike.

I'd say return it if you can and go to an actual bike shop. You might have to pay a few dollars more for their entry level bike. But it will be backed up by someone who actually knows what they're doing.
Agreeing with Dave I would like to add that sometimes bike manufacturers get a few they just seemingly "miss" on quality assurance line. I would say like he does take it back try a different shop and bike.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Thanks for your help folks.
I guess you get what you pay for. They tell me that crappy tire doesn't touch the BB in the assembly process, so its shoddy manufacturer assembly. I ended up buying the right tool today to snug up the BB and the noise is gone for now. Tracking down some other noise in the back wheel area now (cassette maybe)... go figure!
I would suggest anyone purchasing this bike better know some basic wrenching on the brakes, deraillers, BB etc.... I had to tweak all of em'.
You guys are right... for the extra $100-$200 I could have had a much better bike with a couple years service to boot.

Again, thanks for the help... lesson learned.
Just joined after having problems with the CCM Nevada. Site is very good.
My issue with the CCM Nevada started in Mar. 2009, I bought one and taken it back to Canadian Tire 3 times, with the same lower bracket/crank problem, intermittent clunking which gradually increase in frequency. It spent more time in the CT store than I rode it. In August to end of September 09 CT overhauled the whole lower unit with a replacement. Got the bike back in Oct/09. Took it out a couple of times in Mar 2010 and the clunking came back. Returned it to CT and eventually got a replacement Nevada in April. I just returned the new Nevada back to the CT store as the clunk has shown up in this bike also, not as noticeable but you can hear it as you are driving it but again on an intermittent basis.
That sucks that you're having all these problems. Maybe CCM should stick to making hockey equipment.
Well, I got my CCM back, CT bike tech stated he tightened everything up and re-greased the lower unit, it may have been missing grease. They road tested the bike but could not hear anything from the crank/lower unit. I took it out in the parking lot and noticed a ticking sound, coming from the lower unit, took it back in to the bike tech and he tested it and, of course, no noise. He rode it for a few minutes. Then I took it and tested it and no tick. The bike tech stated that perhaps with the gear I was in (4th (1-7), 2nd (1-3)) was too low and my pedaling speed may not have been fast enough. But my pedaling was driving the bike forward? Anyways, kept on test riding it and could not replicate the tick sound (while pedaling through many gears). Just this week took it out again and the tick sound came back, on an intermittent basis, seemed to go away if I pedaled backwards a bit. Strange anyone have any ideas on this.
By "lower unit" I assume you mean the bottom bracket? These are almost always a sealed unit now so I'd be a bit surprised if it could be "re-greased". But it could be the older type that is serviceable or he may have just greased the threads and tightened everything up. The click could be coming from there or it could be a bad pedal. Either way, you're probably not going to get the shop to replace enough parts to make it go away. Unless it's really driving you nuts, I'd say just ride it. Eventually it will get worse and it'll be easier to figure out where it's coming from and then have a good shop replace it with something better. But you're not going to hurt anything by riding. The only exception to that is to make sure your crank arms are on tight. If the ticking happens more under heavier pedaling load, ask a shop to check that your cranks are tight. Those you can damage if you ride loose. But if you've just got a clicky bearing somewhere, it won't hurt anything else to ride it.
Thanks Dave,
I kind of thought these were sealed units (lower bracket) as the CT bike tech stated on my first go around. I checked the pedals by hand turning and spinning them an no noise. I don't mind the click and if it gets to be a continuous sound then I can take it to a professional bike shop and have them look at it and take the bill to CT. Thanks again.

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