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Triple chainring to single
Anyone ever switch their triple chainring down to a single? It's triathlon time again, and all three chainrings all getting in my way, and since I never get out of the biggest ring, I'm gonna take two off.

Now, my question is about chainline...Should I move the biggest ring into the middle ring's position to ensure a better chainline?

I would have just torn the damn thing apart, but I don't have time this morning, so any help would be appreciated...

Thanks folks.
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Hm, I'd give it a try... unless you don't really use the larger sprockets in the rear, in which case you could just leave it as it is at the moment. Take it for a spin and observe how the chainline looks like when in the extreme gears on middle and largest chainring. If all gears seem accessible from the middle chain ring: mount the large chain ring on the inside of the crankset (you have to get the short stack chainring bolts). For my next OD I'll definitely need the smallest chainring, more than 15% climb on the bike course...
The main question is: Why would you do this? How heavy are the two chainrings? Even more weight could be saved by removing the left shifter (in case of STI, as those are heavy, replace it with a brake lever, otherwise the race marshals will be unhappy).
I'm not really concerned with weight so much as just keeping concentration during the triathlon, and on my last tri, I noticed I never shifted out of the large ring, and it was a hilly course.

I think I'll give it a whirl tonight.
Dedicated scholar of bicycles
Well, after a very frustrating battle with the LBS, I cut my chainring nuts down myself with a hacksaw. Not pretty, but it works. I mounted the largest chainring in the middle position, and the chainline seems good. I'll slap on the pedals and take it for a ride tomorrow.

I've always wanted a 9 speed...Big Grin
Dedicated scholar of bicycles

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