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Replacing cable on Shimano Alvio ST-M410
I am trying to replace the shifter cable on a Shimano Alvio ST-M410 shifter but the cable does not seem to seat when I insert it. I have messed around with for a while and was wondering if there was any trick someone knew about?

The photo is not great quality but shows the shifter rotated upside down with the dust cover removed and the cable head sticking out the end. I have shifted it all the way down and when I pull the cable through the other end it never catches on anything the way I expect.
2 Shimano technical documents.
They show that you have to remove part 5 "inner hole cap" and then insert cable through hole.
I don't think you have to remove any covers?
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Yeah, there is no need to remove the covers, I just did cause I thought it would help me see what's going on. I also realized that I may have guided the cable in through the cable hole without threading it through the "holder" for the cable head. I am going to take another look at the inner hole with the cable pulled out when I get home.
I got in there with a flash light and looked around and could not find anything for the cable head to fit into. I also noticed however that I am only getting 4 shifts out of this rear shifter which is not right. I am going to take this off and take it into my local bike shop to see if they have any input. I will post back any news. I am thinking the shifter needs to be replaced.

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