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10 speeds freehub compatible with 7 speeds cassette?
Hi, I'm assembling a new bike for my daily commute and I would like to use a pair of wheel lying around. The thing is that it is equipped with a freehub for a 10 speeds cassette. I would like to have a 7 speeds cassette, what do I need to do to make it fit without buying a new pair of wheel? Will I need to re-dish the wheel?
Also, would you guys recommend a cassette with 11-28 or 14-28 cogs for a commute on a relatively flat commute?
Thank you, this is an awesome site!

1) No, it is not compatible. Check for a guide on how to replace the freehub body and for a list of compatibilities of cassettes and freehub bodies. Also, the frame spacing could be wrong. If you have a steel frame, you can try to cold set it. Don't do that with aluminum or carbon!
2) depends on the crankset (well, the chain rings). I have on my peugeot road bike front: 54/45 rear: 15-27 which is OK as long as I don't encounter hills. Calculator:

Depends on the make of the freehub.
If it's Shimano then probably will take a seven speed cassette.
The majority of Shimano freehubs will take 7/8/9/10 speed cassettes.
There are a couple of models that can be a problem but are rare.
Take the wheel to your local bike shop and ask them to try one.
It will need a small spacer behind the cassette to make up the difference.

As Joe_W says about frame spacing and crankset size.
Pick a cassette to suit the chainrings. Again you could ask your LBS.
What size chainrings do you have?
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Thanks for the replies. I don't thing that there will be an issue with my freehub after all since it's a shimano compatible one (10 speed), and "Also, hubs marked "8-speed, 9-speed or 10-speed will work with any number of sprockets! (Add a 4.5 mm spacer before installing a 7-speed cassette on an 8-, 9-, or 10-speed hub.)" (Seldon Brown in same link that Joe_W gave). As for my chainrings I plan on swapping an Ultegra 6400 (53/39) that I have on my beater bike. If I tell my LBS to put a spacer and a 7 speed cassette the will not have to re-dish the wheel?
As for the spacing in the rear triangle, I was planning to adjust it to make it fit with 10 speed freehub as describe on Sheldon Brown site (125mm to 130mm).


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