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Adding discs on schwinn?
hello: I have a schwinn suburban model: snmng09h01230, bought new recently at academy, would like to add disc to front and rear, does schwinn have the parts to change or recommended aftermarket? thanks in advance....this is a cool bike for a casual rider and would love to upgrade...
If the bike has disc brake mounts: no problem.
It is much better and cheaper to buy the bike to the spec you want than to upgrade later.
Do you have caliper mounts on your forks and chainstay?
If so, what disc diameter are they set for?
Do you have disc ready hubs?
If so, what bolt diameter and number are they?
If not, you will need to buy new wheels as well as the disc and caliper sets.
Visit your local lbs and ask for a quote.
I know this post is old but but in case anyone else is wondering I just got one of these from ChoppersUS to add disc brakes to My Schwinn DelMar. You can get a set of disc wheels with tires for around 120 on e-bay. Its not too cheap but it is possible, I agree try to find a bike with everything You want on it already it is cheaper that way.
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