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How to remove this bottom bracket?

I'm posting from Germany...I'll do my very best, but can't guarantee for 100% language-accuracy Wink

I am trying to revive an old "shop-bike" (Katarga Storm-Race) and after many other problems, the bottom bracket won't move a bit! I am equipped with an bottom bracket tool from Shimano (TL-UN 74-S) and an larg adjustable wrench to get a wrench size of 32mm.

On the images you can see the drive (kurbel_1.jpg) and non-drive side (kurbel_2.jpg) of the bracket.

I am quite irritated because there are a few of the 20 cotters (?) missing in the tool mount on the drive side. (green circle in the image.) There is also an eight-edge nut around the shaft. (blue arrow) There is no contact face on the non-drive side, as I know it from Shimano cartridge bottom brackets.

If I insert the Shimano-Tool, and try to loosen it with the adjustable wrench I am frightened to destroy either the tools or the frame of my bike Sad

What should I do?
What bottom bracket is it and how to get it out?

Thank you very, very much! Smile

Looks like a standard shimano cartridge bottom bracket. Don't worry about the 8 sided nut (blue arrow), you need to remove the whole cups with the shimano tool.
If the drive side is damaged, see if you can get the non-drive side out first. Then tap the end of the axle with a hammer on the drive side. This may push the bottom bracket out and you'll just have the one cup left in. It may be easier to remove once the inner part is removed.
Remember that the drive side has reverse threads.

the weeks went by...and I solved the problem with my bottom bracket.
But thanks for your help identifying it, DaveM Smile
The old bracket was totally corroded within the thread.
Even a combination of a 1.5m lever and the shimano bottom bracket tool didn't help. (Yes, I've turned it in the right direction Wink)
Nevertheless finally I got the basterd out of its case...using a Dremel MultiPro, lots of cutting disks and several hours of work.
The materials were so corroded that I had to grind through the whole material of the bottom bracket, remove the ball bearings and their cages, the shaft and then cut everything down to the thread of the frame.
But even then it was rock-steady Sad
Even after uncovering the single thread pitches I had to use a needle to pull them out.
The frame and the bottom bracket were merged by corrosion.
I've never seen anything like that before Sad
The local bikeshop recut the thread and I installed a new bottom bracket...using Alex' tutorial Smile
Thanks for this great site by the way!

Well done! A good lesson in why everything should have a good layer of grease applied occasionally. Have you had your seatpost and stem out to clean and re-grease lately? They're even worse to remove than a seized BB.


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