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Another 10-speed... more trouble
I keep buying bikes with 10-speed clusters... I must be a glutton for punishment Smile. New bike (to me) exhibits frequent chain slipping in 4th gear only--i.e. small chainring in front, 4th biggest cog in back. I will check again today whether there is any "slipping" when I move the front onto the big ring. I don't think so. Bike has low miles, Dura Ace FD and RD, FSA SL/k double crankset. Shifts great. I may be able to see the chain riding on the tips of the teeth of the suspect rear cog when the slipping happens -- happens pretty quickly for my old eyes. Chain measures 12" spot on, as I noted bike has low mileage. Debug tips?

Regards, j
What do the Teeth look like on the rear cassette? Are they worn?

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