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Shimano Triple Shifter Help
Picked up a used Trek 1.2 with shimano triple (thats whats stamped on the shifter) shifters recently. The previous owner didn't take care of the bike, so it was in pretty bad shape. Replaced and fixed some things, but I am having problems finding help/guidance on the shifter. The left shifter which controls the front derailer and front break seems to be broken as it shifts very rough/hard. Sometimes it seems jammed and wont shift at all. I'm looking for any installation instructions or help videos that might discuss this type shifter. Also, can I buy just the left shifter if it needs to be replaced or I need to buy both? Not sure the year of the bike, but I cant find this specific shifter on any of the bike part websites.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.
Hi rerrkh,

Post some photos of your shifters here so we can get a better idea what repairs/replacements might work for you.

I also have the Trek 1.2 with the Triple shifters. Mine is a 2008 model. Your shifter problem is likely not a result of the prior owner's negligence - apparently these shifters are total crap. Every bike shop (except the one that sold it to me) echoes this sentiment. I have experienced the exact same problems you described since I bought the bike. My shop tried to make adjustments but it hasn't helped. In fact, I spent a good hour yesterday discussing this very issue with a bike mechanic. At the end of the day, replacing the shifters is an option if you're willing to invest the money. My estimate was around $350 or so in parts and labor. Personally, I think I'm going to save the $$ toward a new bike next year.

Hopefully someone in this forum has better news for both of us!
Try WD40 in the shifter internals. Pull back the brake to reveal the shifter mechanism housing and squirt WD into the unit.
Operate it a good few times to see if it easies.
Also remove and inspect the cable. Try the shifter without the cable in.
Make sure it's not the derailleur that's sticking.

Do you know which model shifter you have?
There may be a part number stamped on it somewhere.
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We've got Ultegra STI on one bike and Dura Ace STI on the other. Every time I get home with working shifters I feel blessed. I love integrated shifting--these shifters renewed my interest in cycling. But take a look at an exploded diagram if you have the nerve. These are not your fathers SunTour friction shifters! I haven't sprayed anything inside my dusty and dirty shifters--and I am fussy about keeping my bike clean. It just isn't worth the risk to me. You may have no choice. If I were to spray something in there I would be tempted to use something that leaves very little behind--maybe electric motor cleaner/lube or TV/radio tuner cleaner. These evaporate quickly and leave a very thin layer of lubricant behind. I have never tried this myself.
I had some RSX shifters and the left triple gave trouble. Mainly sticking. WD did the trick.
I wouldn't advise anyone to strip Shimano STI shifters unless they are prepared to scrap them if all goes wrong. Normally STI shifters are very reliable but if left for a long time the shifting mechanism can gum up.
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