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Good multi use tyre
I need to replace the tyres on my bike as they wearing out, my brother has given my some proper off road tyres, they got treads like a trials motorbike so I got that side covered.

What I am after is a decent set of multiuse tyres, semi slick I guess, good for on road use and light off road use.
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England
A test I recently read (in a German touring bike rag): Those multi purpose tyres were bad off-road and mediocre on road. Surprisingly well performed e.g. Schalbe's Racing Ralph. Really bad: one of the Marathons (dunno which one). I have Schwalbe CX-Pro on one of my bikes, nice tyre, lots of traction off road, not too much resistance on road.
Cheers for the help.

I had a look in my LBS and seen a few that suit my budget although not really taken with any of them yet.

I'll have a look online as you seem to get better deals on there.
Cannondale, handmade in USA............................................Refined in Surrey, England
yeah, i feel the same way. the lbs i go to doesn't have that great of a selection, and their prices are higher than the internet. i'm looking for a street tire that's OK for light trails. there were a few i was looking at, but nothing i really want to get yet. i'm mainly looking for something cheap, because i have expensive offroad tires that are pretty bad on the pavement.
I know this is a relatively old thread now but did anyone have any success with any multiuse/semislick tyres?

I have kenda 8-block tyres fitted to my MTB which are fine for my on and off road routes but have been invited to join in with a 100 mile entirely on-road ride and so am looking for something a bit better on the road to go on my MTB.

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