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Huffy Byke
Hello All,

Just purchased this bicycle, and was wondering if anyone could help me ID the year, and possibly the model. Serial # starts with 2H2, and head badge is stamped Huffy Byke Huffman Mfg. Co. Dayton, Ohio. I would sure appreciate any information.


Pictures are attached.
I believe that is a 1949-52 Huffman DialYourRide
Wow I totally missed this one. Now this puppy restored is worth some money!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Kids must have been fit and strong as oxes back in the fifties after riding around on these balloon tyred, 40lb beasts all day. :-)
Here are a few links to vintage bikes sites to get you going.
Never Give Up!!!
Wow, what a cool Huffy! Looks like it got a quick paint job along the way; are you going to restore it to its original livery? I had to chuckle the other day while looking at a few bikes in a thrift store. One was a weathered, beaten-down Huffy with the 'y' missing from its sticker on the downtube. Not sure I'd be up to pedaling a "Huff" Smile

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