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Technical bike maintenance question
I have a 2000 Cannondale Jeckyl, which is in nearly new condition. I rode it a bit back when I bought it but it was basically in storage until recently when I finally found a great group of people to do MTB trail riding with. As a newbie, I've had a few tumbles but nothing major. Anyway, the alignment was off and the brakes need some maintenance too. A group member is doing the work (he knows what he's doing) but told me I need to get the appropriate brake it/"blood" for the Magura Marta brakes. I found this link online: Do you think this kit (or similar) would be sufficient for the type of maintenance needed? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice!
It looks like that Kit is only for the hydro rim brakes. Look for one that is specifically for the disc brakes. I am not too familiar with these brakes, I am reading up on them now.

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