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Adjusting Shimana Nexus 3-speed
I just purchased a 2-person trike from Worksman Cycles
and am awaiting instructions from them on how to adjust the Shimano Nexus on one side of the trike (there are two independent transmissions).

Figured it couldn't hurt to post here; maybe someone knows how to fix my problem:

It shifts into 1st and 3rd but seems to "skip" 2nd gear; it doesn't lock-in.

I see an adjustment collar near the hub and a little window with an indicator inside.

Anyone know how to adjust this particular hub?
Never worked on a Nexus, but I know with sturmey archer you had to line up the shoulders on the end of the indicator chain with the end of the axle in either top or bottom gear, can't remember which, but you can usually feel it into gear by adjusting slowly and turning the pedals gently.
You may find more info here:

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