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Quick Release Causing Brake Adjustment
I have tried to search for this topic sorry in advance if it has been covered. Thanks in advance for your advice/opinions too!

Do you have to re-adjust your disc brakes after each and every time you put the wheel on and off the bike? It seems that the brake is rubbing on the rotor each and every time i reassemble it (the front wheel is the only one I am removing at the moment).

My quick disconnects are composed of a nut on one side and a lever on the other allowing me to set the clamping force, am I not tightening it the same amount every time and thus pulling the forks together more or not enough? (Is it worth it to buy better/different disconnects?) I assemble the wheel to the bike while the bike is upside down resting on the seat and handlebars. This allows me some adjustment of how the quick disconnect sits within the forks...makes me wonder if there is a best practice for seating the wheel to the frame.

I bought the bike from a local bike shop and I am sure they would be willing to help I just want to know what is normal and I don't buy the fact that "rubbing is normal for the first 25-50 miles" which I have heard.

Oh yeah bike is a GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc if that helps at all.
Hm, I don't turn my bike over as I don't want to ruin saddle, handlebars etc. plus it is easy to just "plug" the wheel (ok the front, rear is a bit tricky) in by putting the fork ends on top of the axle.

Other quick release skewers will not help, at least in the front they now have this "lawyer's lip" cf.

Other than that: I have to readjust my (rim) brakes sometimes too, as they are _very_ sensitive on how the wheel sits in the fork ends (and rear dropouts).
Better results... Seems I have figured out a way to get this done. The wheel was most likely straight each time i did it. Had to make adjustment when putting wheel on the lawyers lip... tweaked a bit front on one side and rear on the other allows it to work great the way it is set up now... it's not broke yet think i'll stick with it until then.


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