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Is this fair price
Hi All.

I saw this on Craigslist. I'm interested in it. Any comments about whether it is a decent price? Please let me know your thoughts.

Cannondale 800
Color is red. Used very little and has been stored inside.
Model Mountain 800.
3.o aluminum frame. Force 40 breaking system.
I'd do an eBay 'completed listing' search for the same bike and see what it sold for there.
That honestly seems very high to me. But, one factor about bikes as well is the market it is being sold and it Portland, OR mountain bikes are really not very sought after.

But, looking at this (and I am guessing on the year):, the bike retailed for about $850. So if the bike is in good condition, it does seem to be a fair asking price.

I do agree with iandoherty and check to see what they are going for on ebay and look for similar bikes on craigslist and compare.

Happy riding.
Thanks. I thought it was a bit high as well. There was only one on eBay's completed auction and it was a bit more. Anyhow, thanks for the info.

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