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Skipping Gear
Had a quick question. I am new to biking as I just purchased my first MTB.
On my 2008 Motobecane Fly Team, it runs XTR components. Only problem is it wants to skip from 3rd to 1st when going down, but when you go back up, it hits 2nd. Not sure of the cause, I kind of messed with the H and L screws, not much tho and it did not seem to fix it, or it could have just been the mechanic. Any suggestions?
Try fiddling with the barrel adjusters at the shifter or the mech.

Take a look here:
I am assuming you mean the front derailleur, correct? I have had problems with that, too. Also, play with the barrel adjusters if you have them near the shifters. Go to your biggest chainring and see how the chain runs. Try to get it as centered as possible and try that. It may not fix it, but it is something I did on mine and seemed to work. Your H and L screws make sure the chain does not go too far, but the barrel adjuster can be used more to fine tune, from my experience.

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