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Lateral and radial adjustments
I had a question about the 2:1 ratio for doing lateral and radial adjustments on the rear wheel. This pertains to 7 speed cassette. What would the ratio be for a 10 speed cassette? thanks, Tim
There's only a 5mm difference between the overall width of a 7 speed and a 10 speed cassette, the room for the extra 3 sprockets is created largely by the sprockets, and spacers between, being narrower on a 10 speed cassette.

In any case, the 2:1 ration is only an approximation and will be roughly right for any dished rear wheel.

Everything you wanted to know about cassettes and freehubs:
Thank you for the last reply. I have another question and its about spoke tension. I want to true my Bontrager 700c full carbon clinchers and was wondering what the tension should be for each spoke in the front and the rear? I just purchased a tension meter. Thanks!
Short answer: no idea.

As I understand it there is some debate as to the benefit of tension meters. Have a look: There's a section in the book about spoke tension guages.

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