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When cleaning the Jockey wheels I noticed one of the wheels has a ceramic bearing and the other does not. These wheels have never been taken off this bike and the bike was purchased new. Is it normal for this derailleur to have two different types of jockey wheels or have I been the victim of a jockey thief perhaps at the dealership?

Since I was not aware, at cleaning time, there is a size difference between the upper and lower jockey wheels I probably mixed them up. What problems can I expect if they have been mixed up?
This is Shimano's site, if you search under "products" and look at the "tech docs" for your part, you should find the info you need.
(07-14-2010, 03:28 PM)trevgbb Wrote:  This is Shimano's site, if you search under "products" and look at the "tech docs" for your part, you should find the info you need.

Thanks. The blow-up diagram tells me I did it right. 50 50 chance.

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