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Shimano brake question
Hello, I have recently pulled my bike out of the garage to fix up and ride and ran into some problems. I would like to tune it up and make it ride-able again. The brakes are Shimano BR-m454 and I was wondering what the clear plastic tubing was called, so I could replace it on the front and back brakes.


Keep in mind my Dad put together this bike for me awhile back so it needs many repairs.
If you mean the tube connected to the round thing the main cable goes through, you can't replace just the tubing. It is one kind of "transverse cable" for cantilever brakes called a link wire. This kind includes the round piece (hanger), the tube for the main cable to run through, and the other cable that runs to your left brake. You should be able to get replacements at LBS. Note though that I'm not sure that this is the best kind of transverse cable for your brakes. That line that is printed on the round piece should line up parallel with the cable coming out. If not, you won't get the best braking performance. The older style of transverse cables take a little more set up, but are more adaptable to different break set ups or you can get different length "link wires".

Look here:
Ohh thank you! I had no idea that it was a wire with tube all in one. I guess it would be best to just replace the parts you suggested.

Thanks =)

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