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Inner tube moving/slipping

I'm a bit lost as to what more I can do? I have replaced both inner tubes on my bike and re-assembled it etc however when I go to ride the bike the inner tube seems to slip position therefore the valve is not in the correct position, when I fixed it for the first time last week and went to ride it I got 2 street corners away and then the valve ripped off the inner tube. They are the correct sized inner tubes and the tyres are inflated well, I can't see any other way of stopping the inner tube movement to prevent this from happening again as I have replaced the same tyre just ridden it down the road and can see that the same thing is going to happen. Any ideas?

Have a look at the tech info pages here, I believe there is some info about this problem.
Sorry about the problems you're having, hopefully this can be solved easily.
Disclaimer: the following is a complete guess!

It's possible that the whole tire is slipping and pulling the tube with it. You could check this by re-seating the tube and tire and using a Sharpie type marker to draw a line across the tire and rim. Ride a few block and check if the line has separated.
If so, remove the tube and tire and clean the inner part of the rim with something that will evaporate without leaving a residue, like rubbing alcohol.
[attachment=1028] [attachment=1029]
A little more information will help us help you. What brand and model is your bike? Can you give us the brand, size, and pressure ratings from the tire (should all be on the side of the tire)? Also the same type of information on the rim, if possible. What type of valve does the tube have, Schrader or Presta?

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