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Drive chain issues...
OK been back on the road for a couple of months. Since re-assembling and re-cabling the gear change and brake behaviour is good. The current problem is with the drive chain: every three cranks (revolutions that is) or so, I get a glitch in the drive chain. I suspect the chain itself, yet is was thoroughly cleaned and lived on the living room table for two months and it is fairly new.

It maybe the power link catching on a burnt tooth on the front middle chain ring; the only one I’m using right now. I shall tune the front derailleur to use the other chain rings and see if it still happens: fitted a new front and it isn’t tuned yet. If it doesn’t happen I’ll go for a new chain, if it does I’ll have to investigate further…

Got to go and watch England now!

If it happens every third crank revolution, it is very likely a stiff link. Run the pedals backwards and watch as the chain snakes through the pulley wheels, you should be able to spot it. Try flexing the stiff link side to side a little, it usually frees it up.
Hi Dave,

Yeah I thought that too: stiff link... I am a bit surprised though, as the chain is fairly new. Maybe it has become stiff in the way that I cleaned it; simply soaking it in petroleum spirit. However that would seem a little unusual. I still haven't managed to tune the front dérailleur 'cause I don't need it for my travels yet and the front small chain ring doesn't get enough pressure under drive to exhibit this behaviour. I will (tune it to the big chain ring) and see if it still occurs... If so then you're right Smile
Check the powerlink is the right "speed" for the chain.
Try a different make, some are externally a bit wider then others.
If you washed the chain in petrol did you re-lube afterwards?
Also inspect ALL the other links in case one is coming apart.
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Hey Cycler,

Yep, I re-lubed it with 'Finish Line' spray on stuff but I did it carefully when it was on the table. It didn't used to behave like this... I'll get a chance at the weekend to re-tune the front and see if it still occurs. I don't make adjustments in the week because I need to get to work Smile. If it does (on the higher chain ring), as Dave suggests I'll look for a stiff link or simply buy a replacement chain: SRAM pc991 is only twenty quid at the mo from my lbs and they will have it in stock...

I do have a spare power link but can I find it!?

A minor inconvenience.
can any one help me out in giving information about the maximum size of sprockets available for gear cycle...and even the smallest...

In the rear I think 36 is about the biggest common size, but I think I've seen 38's. 11 is the smallest.
But there are compatibility issues with wheel and derailleur depending on what you've got.

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