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Repairs on 70's Schwinn Varsity
Recently I have received a Schwinn Varsity from the 70's from my grandmother and am looking to do some minor repairs on it. I would like to replace the derailleur (and entire gear mechanism save the shifters) and cassette. I don't know a whole lot about bicycles so my question is, what would be good replacement parts for it? My budget is modest so reasonable price but still decent quality is ideal and links are appreciated.
If you can post a picture of the rear end of the bike, it would help us give you some advice. If not, two questions:
- Does the rear derailleur screw directly into the frame or does it have a hook that gets clamped under the rear axle bolt.
- How many gear on your rear cluster
Hi Justin;

The Varsity has a freewheel, not a cassette, see:

Finding the correct tool to remove your current freewheel may be a challenge.

I would suggest replacing the rear wheel at the same time with something like:
and 700 x28 tire:
this freewheel if you have to deal with some hills:
or this one if you have only small hills:
for the derailluer:
this shifter:
You also need a new chain.

The above are workable suggestions, research some more, shop around and then make your decision.
Good info from NF also check out
Typical mid 70's Varsity:;L:;LH:61;AH:center;AWFID:3e78bba1cececa56;&

Here is some info links so you can ID your Schwinn.

BTW DaveM these old bikes had the deraileur hang from the axle bolt.
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