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New Hybrid Frames
I'm considering buying an entirely new hybrid frame and building a bike from scratch. If I'm going to do this, what things should I look out for?

What brands sell good quality but not overly expensive frames. I think £200 is my limit given that I can get a new hybrid for £300 and I wouldn't have to set anything up.

Are there different sizes / styles of frame or different compatibilities that I should be aware of? Can I buy a frame that would be incompatible with the stuff I want to put on it....

700c wheels, 21 speeds, UN54 BB - speaking of bottom brackets which frames are CERTAIN to have the correct thread for a shimano BB. I've already stuffed that up once! Tongue

If you want to keep costs down, don't discount older mountain bikes with no suspension. Put a set of road tyres on them and they make great all-rounders.

Here's one I picked up for £30.00:
If you're putting old parts on a new frame, there's a few things you need to know first.
- How wide is your rear hub? (a road 7 speed was probably 126, a hybrid probably 135)
- front der clamp diameter
- headset diameter
- do you have a fork already
- if not, is your headset/stem for threadless or threaded
- you'll probably need a new seatpost unless you get lucky on the post diameter

Almost everything (except italian bikes) will work with "shimano BB threads". But the length of the BB spindle is a tougher question. And it will be hard to know for sure if the BB you have will work on the new frame before hand.

Pretty much everything else should work fine on any frame made for 700 wheels. Note that you can't put 700 wheels on a mountain bike frame made for 26" wheels.
This all being said, it's pretty unusual to buy a hybrid frame by itself. Mainly because you can get a complete bike with all new parts, warranty, etc. for not much more. Separate frame purchases are usually done by people building specific racing, mtn, track bikes. On a general all around like a hybrid, you're almost always better off buying a complete new/used bike. Only other thing I'd suggest is keeping an eye out for a damaged bike similar to yours that you can use your parts to repair.

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