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Selling my Bike.
So after 5 faithful years I am selling my Trek Fuel 70. I tore it down, cleaned and lubed everything and reassembled it just now. Its time to move on and upgrade. I'm looking at Specialized epic series, not sure which one though. I listed it on CL locally here in Gainesville. Some lucky individual is going to get a bike that has been babied for 5 years. I did full overhauls on that bike every 6 months just to keep it looking pretty.
Why you selling it looks like a fun bike to ride.If you like you could give it to
My dad always told me a Sledge a matic can fix any thing.
I am going to upgrade to a new bike. I'm trying to get a 2011 Specialized Epic Comp 29er, but my shop has had them on back order for like 3 months now. I might start looking around for a different bike.
Huh? Maybe not.

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