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Bearing cone
I have a Columbia Trailhead Disk Mountain bike that has a worn out rear bearing cone on the right side. I have been to all the local bike shops and have looked on line extensively and cannot find a replacement cone. The cone dimensions are 15 mm dia x 12 mm long. The thread is 10 mm x 1 and there are no grooves or dust caps on the cone at all.

I have been able to find a cone that is 17 mm dia and 14 mm long which I can use if I remove a spacer and use smaller balls. Is this idea a good one ? The bearing originally had 10 balls and 13 of the new ones will fit in the space and allow the cone to engage the balls.

Will this cause the cup and cone to wear prematurely, or will the extra balls make up for the reduced ball contact area ?

Thank you for your help.

Not sure whether you're in the UK, but if you are, SJS do a good range of hub spares:

If you're not in the UK you should be able to find something on-line or mail order nearer to home.

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