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Can I replace a threaded set of forks with a set of threadless forks?

Can i replace a threaded set of forks with a set of threadless forks? When looking for 2nd hand used forks i noticed that:-

1) People do not often state the size wheel a front shock would fit, ( i have a 26" wheel so i would need the front shock to fit that wheel size)?

2) I have a threaded set of forks on my bike at present, (stamped on the fork stem it states "22.2 * 27.0" i am not sure what this refers to), and would like to know if i can just fit a set of threadless forks, if this is possible what would i need to convert to this please?

many thanks,
- England

2) Looking at the headset-overhaul-tutorial on this site, I think that it should be possible. You just have to find a headset that can be press-fit into the head tube of your bike.

1) Well, yes and no. It depends. If you plan to use disc brake I'd say that it does not really matter for which wheel size the suspension fork was made, since the outer diameter of a 26'' MTB wheel and a 28'' cross wheel should be roughly the same. However, if you plan to use canti or V-brakes, then the wheel should fit the fork, since the rim diameter now is important!

However, one problem you will encounter is, that your fork (most probably) has rake, whereas suspension forks don't. This will affect the handling of your bike, though I cannot say how.
Hi Joe_W,

Thanks for that prompt advice very helpful and informative for a newbie like me, these sites are invaluable for us newbies keep up the good work and thanks.

1) I have a disc brake brake fitted on the existing THREADED forks, i wll have to research RAKE.

2) I have a 22.2( 1inch) threaded fork on their now(see photo attched in my prev posting), so will i have to get a 1 inch threadless headset to press fit, and will this comprise of top and bottom of frame tube complete parts?, is this correct?

i will take a look at the headset-overhaul-tutorial, thnx
many thanks,
Just to correct a few misunderstandings.

You definitely need to get a fork that is designed to fit the size wheel you have. Absolutely if you are going to use the cantilever brake posts. But even with a disk brake. It is possible to fit a fork from another size on, but it will change the geometry of the bike and mess up your handling and there are wheel clearance issues. I've seen plenty of frankenstein bikes with odd size stuff tacked on, but if you want a bike that rides well, use the right part.

Suspension forks do have rake, they just have straight fork legs. The rake is achieved by having the fork legs attach at an angle to the crown/steerer tube instead of having the legs curve as they go down. A bike with no rake would ride horribly.

You can use a threadless fork. But you will need to get a new headset and stem. But there's normally no problems making this swap. You would have to get a 1" fork and headset to fit your frame.

I'd be a bit cautious on used suspension forks. Why are they selling them? A suspension fork that has been ridden heavily will need overhaul to work well. Cheap or beat up suspension forks are worse that a decent rigid fork (IMHO)
Hi DaveM,

Many thanks for your many points and suggestions on this matter, that is why i was confused that hardly anyone ever mentioned wheel size in relation to selling 2nd hand forks,

I had a feeling that RAKE referred to the curvature of the fork. I have received so much varying advice relating to threaded to threadless swaps that, being a newbie, i have decided to play it safe and since posting this i have purchased a Saracen 6061 Aluminum bike MTB frame with a 1 and 1/8th threadless stem section, if its what you pro's use then i should stick with the accepted technology for now.

i have posted a new post in CRANKS relating to this new frame,

once again thanks to you all for your help it is invaluable to newbs like myself,
many thanks,
- England
PS:- DaveM < thats the link to the latest post.

I like the "frankenstein bikes" description a lot, i think that is why i am playing it safe and building as you suggest a bike with the correct parts or i may have ended up with a frankenstein bicycle or should i call it a "frankenstycle"!


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