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Directly from Puerto Rico
these are my toy's;

I do not found any picture of my Spark alone;

this is my last project (only one race);

I decide what bike is better for me depending of the race climbs conditions.

best regards
Cycling Knights Kenda
Nice bikes, I notice in first picture chain is off the chain rings.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Definitely nice looking rides! Thanks for the photos.
Nice bikes! How do you like the Access XCL 9r frame on the second bike, any problems? I've been looking at ordering one from Performance Bicycles and maybe build another rugged commuter.
AT this moment the bike feel great, but not enough to eliminate my 26" from my hangar. The frame weight is 3.85lbs that is very good for the price and only con's for me is the short top tube length. I need to used long stem (negative angle) and flat bar to fit in my race position. I made a comparison with Access, Sette, Aizan, Motobecame and Windsor; Access is the winner for their price. In general I guess that for $110, this is the best 29er frame in the market right now.
Cycling Knights Kenda

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