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Adjusting Rear Deraileur with NO B-Tension Screw

I'm a newbie and novice, so sorry if I missed this info while searching...

My wife has an older hybrid with Shimano Altus RD-CT92 rear derailleur. There is NO B-Tension screw on this low end unit. However the derailleur pulley is actually contacting the largest ring (lowest gear), making for hard shifting and a lot of clatter.

Question: How do you adjust the gap between the pulley and the sprocket when there is NO B-TENSION screw on the unit? I have check:
1) unit is very clean
2) RD mount does not "appear" to be bent, but I don't have any sophisticated tools to check this

Any help is much appreciated. The RD otherwise seems to function normally.



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You can't really. Maybe the chain is too short. Or it may be that the spring in the derailleur is worn out and not pulling it back enough anymore. If so, probably have to replace the whole thing.
If it doesn't have a screw, it usually has a stop formed into the back plate of the rd which abuts against the stop on the drop out to prevent the rd coming to far forward, sometimes this gets bent or worn, check for this.

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