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Puncture Finding
How long does it usually take to find a puncture?
Would it be useful to have something that could locate one quickly, without fully removing the inner tubing or using a bucket of water?

We usually carry spare inner tubes in case of punctures.
Remove wheel and take out punctured tube. **N.B. note which way round it is in the tyre.
Pump up tube and listen for air escaping.
Note position of puncture and check tyre for the thing that caused puncture. ( thorn, glass, flint, etc.)
Remove the offending bit. Fit new tube, pump up and away you go.
15 minutes.
You have to carry spare tube(s), tyre levers, pump. (spanner if you don't have quick release wheels).
It's only for slow punctures that you generally need water. Normally you can locate punctures by listening or feeling the air escape on you cheek.

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