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Spokes Breakage
Need your advise on the Easton EA-50 Wheels that was recently supplied with new bike BMC SL-01. The problem is that the rear wheel spokes are breaking frequently. Easton says to loosen the spokes and retight so that tension is equal on all spokes; What to do??
the profile of rider is Height = 5ft 11 inch, weight 92 kg. bike size large.
Thanks for input in Advance
I can't think of any reason not to follow Easton's advice unless there is more detail you haven't supplied. But it seems this should be a warranty issue to take up with the seller of the bike. Seems to me Easton is saying the wheel wasn't built properly.
I had spoke breakage problems with Easton rims as well - Easton XC One I had road tyres on them (Use my bike MTB for road as well and just change rims and tyres) I snapped spokes braking down hill I snapped spokes cycling hard up hill, EAston told me they have never heard of this problem before and were of no help really, as I am in Japan and imported the wheels it was quite easy for them to "fob me off" I use these rims only for trail now and so far no trouble
Dave, response from the Easton is as under:
This wheelset has relatively few spokes (20 / 24) and it is much more important to evenly tension the spokes than to build a perfectly straight wheel.

This may be why the spokes are breaking in a sequence. At this point I recommend re-tensioning the wheel from the beginning to balance spoke tension as much as possible.

Loosening and re-tightening all of the spokes evenly is the easiest way to ensure even spoke tension on the wheel.

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