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Cone tightening
I have just stripped down an old rear hub. Bearings, spindle, freewheel and so on. I have replaced the bearing and a bent spindle. First to go back is the caged bearing, followed by the cone nut. How tightly should this be against the the bearings, before tightening the lock nut against it? Hand tight would seem to work ok , but i am not sure..

Did you look at this info? Hand tighten till there is no back and forth movement in axle, tighten lock nut with wrench while holding the cone with another wrench.. Mount on bike and move rim side to side if it has play loosen lock nut tighten cone readjust till just no play BUT wheel is free spinning. Find the best spot, little loose is better than too tight. Use a bike stand or bike upside down.
Never Give Up!!!
I tried to find that video but was unsuccessful (more like distracted). Thanks for getting that up George.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
got that, job done, thank you.

A trick i saw in a bike shop- it works when you can't seem to get the adjustment just right.

Screw both cone nuts into the bearings so the fit is tight and they crunch when you turn the axle. Next tighten the outer locknuts against the cone nuts. Then, stand the wheel up vertically on a table. Stick 2 identical inner cone wrenches onto the cone nuts so that they stick out horizontally, and pushing down on both will back the cone nuts out against the locknuts. This usually results in a tight adjustment with no play.
Nice info thanks for sharing, I'll try it on the next wheel job I am about todo.
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Yes I did some of that adjusting my head bearings.

On wheel cones the wrenches would have to be placed in the counter clockwise direction . So they will be in opposite directions.
Never Give Up!!!
It's ironic that after the above post i went downstairs to check my wheel play... Long story short, it helps to also have twin 17mm. wrenches for the locknuts.

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