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Where to get cable housing
i'm looking for a place to buy brake and gear housing cable online in the uk,
preferably at least a few meters at a time, so i can make my cables as and when i require them.
Cheers Phil.
Lots of places sell it, but I like the free delivery that Chain Reaction and Wiggle offer, especially for smaller items, for which the postage cost is sometimes more than the item itself:

However, I generally buy a complete cable set with both inners and outers. If well looked after and regularly lubricated, cables will last many years. I was quite impressed with the Transfil Black Snake gear cable set I fitted recently, which comes with some additional extra thin outer that covers the normally bare sections between frame bosses so that the cable is almost completely enclosed. This is great for bikes, like my old Marin, on which the cables go under the bottom bracket where they get wet from road spray and get a bit ratty quite quickly.
Thank you for that.. At the moment im only learning on old mountain bikes, nothing expensive. So i found these which probably suit my purpose at this present moment, till i have learnt some more. Unless of course i have missed the cheap ones on wiggle. But here is a link to anyone in the same boat as me, that maybe of some use!
#4 is where I get all my cables and cable sundries. Great prices and no-nonsense!
most LBS stock loose cable outer for brake and gear (they are not the same) and can cut to any length from coil, and can also usually supply end ferrules.

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