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Pedal slip
I am having problems with my bike where when I gradually pedal to some distance, the pedal at some point slips for a moment causing my leg to fly off the pedal. In other words, when I keep pedaling and when I apply a downward force (on the right) to the pedal, it slips down so easily and then manages to catch on to regular pedaling. I don't know where the problem is and I am hoping someone in this forum can tell me that. Thanks

Hi mahadevan,
From your initial description I’d suspect the right-hand-side crank attachment. Sounds like the BB spindles (whichever version you have) may be becoming worn. You might want to remove the crank to investigate (if you have the tools)…
However, having said that, forward slipping may be due to all sorts of drive chain issues…

Thanks for your feedback. I took a closer look of my bike chain and I noticed that one link in the chain is not rotating or wrapping around the gear. This link is showing some minimal rust and what should should i do to fix this link?

try lubing the stiff link. Then take that link and flex it a little side to side (90 degrees from the direction it is supposed to bend). That may free it up. If not, probably worth getting a new chain.
I would have guessed from your description that your chain and/or cassette were worn out. But it could just be the stiff link.


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