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FSA Gossamer MegaExo with Shimano BB
A friend of mine hand me down an FSA Gossamer compact crank that I will be using to build my bike. I have read iffy things about the 6000 BB. Is this crank compatible with Shimano BBs? I was looking at replacing the 6000 BB with either the 105 or Ultegra BB. Is this possible or do I need to stick with the 6000 BB?

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You will have to determine the size of your crank. Here is a little article from sheldon brown
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Any luck replacing the 6000 BB with a Shimano?

I also have the FSA Gossamer Mega Exo crankset and have burned through my second 6000 bracket.

I recently replaced my FSA Omega Exo crankset with a Shimano Tiagra 4503 Triple on my road bike. The BB had to be replaced because the crank spindle was not a good fit in the FSA BB and the Shimano end cups would not thread on the FSA BB. The problem was the end cups on the FSA were shorter than the Shimano causing the crank spindle to stick out too far. I was at the LBS while it was being replaced and the mechanic showed me the difference. The Tiagra BB was only $20.00 so it wasn't a deal breaker or I would have replaced the crankset with another FSA. I don't know about the Gossamer compared to the Omega series as far as them using the same BB.
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