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A quick hello and a big thank you to Alex!
Hello All!

I've just got back into the Hotseat after many years and my bike needed a bit of an overhaul with regards to a new chain, wheels and a few other bits and bobs.

I'm a mechanic by trade and used to tinkering but i thought i would grab a Haynes bike repair manual just in case i got stuck. Rather disappointingly ( and frustrating) i found the manual confusing in its explanation of chain shortening, Derailleur set up and index adjustment! To name but a few!

This site has made everything crystal clear and i'm back on track.

A big thanks to Alex for the tutorials and this site as its helping a lot of of people out there especially in the UK! Keep up the brilliant work and thanks again!

Best Regards
Hear, hear...!

very nice

Much appreciated, thanks Stuart :-)
Love the upgrade on the forum and Thanks Smile
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Alex Ramon thank you for the forum they really helps you the Best Man
well said Smile

and just an idea for the future alex ( if needed ) to help fund this site and keep it goin .... im a member of another forum which is basically just chat without any videos ( not cycling related forum ) and they have a supporters scheme .... all it involves is donating to help to fund the site .. it aint compulsary so everyone dont have to do it and we get a private ( supporters section ) in return ... i pay £12 sterling per year ( about $19 ) .. and im quite happy for this as the site is very friendly and the advise is great so am happy to help to keep it goin .... maybe ( if needed ) u could start something similar on here .... just a thought

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I agree about Alex and this website. I had also picked up a Park repair manual and was disappointed. I'm sure the Park is better than the Haynes but neither is as good as Alex's info. Even professional auto mechanics avoid Haynes' repair manuals.

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Well my two pennies worth, this site is the number one bicycle repair manual and never needs a revision Wink ! Again thank you Alex !
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Now this is something that every bicycle enthusiast would jump on. Bicycles and marble crushing, mining equipment; what a match!
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