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Some problems with rear derailleur and rear wheel
Hello guys,

i installed an old rear derailleur on a Freewheel and i don't have problems in shifting, but there is something wrong when i use the pedals backwards, it seems that there is a lack in tension for the derailleur (i think the cable tension is ok since it is shifting properly), i have to say that the B-tension screw is broken so I cant screw that Sad(

In addition i don't understand why the Freewheel is not moving with the rear wheel but only the freewheel is rotating when i am pedaling in the right sense. Can you explain this? (i know that must be easy but i don't have experience).

I enclose a video to explain the problems.

Thanks again.
Take a look here:

I think you have the opposite problem to VJAB. On his bike the freehub was gummed up so that the pawls wouldn't engage with the ratchet in the freehub. It looks like in your freehub that the pawls have gummed up open, so that the whole lot is effectively bonded together. Try removing the freehub body and flushing through with degreaser to see if that frees it up.

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