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Right Size Tube?
Want to check if I'm getting the right size from bike store. Got an inexpensive Mountain Bike(Mt Fury), on Craiglist. The specs are, Tires say 26"x1.95. The rim size measures 22.5". The problem, is that, I got a flat for the first time with it, and went to the usually place, to get a tube. He looked at the bike and gave me a 26"x1.5, which is supposed to be in the range. The problem is that there seemed to be a lot extra(Before inflating it), and when it was inflated, there's a big bulb in one spot. The only way it goes away is deflating to the point that, there's not enough air. I asked the guy, and he said it was because it was a "Cheap Rim." I've changed about 40-50 tubes on my own, and never had this happen. Any help is appreciated. Wonder if the tires, themselves, are too big. Wondering if I should try a smaller tube, Thanks.
Tubes are just an elastic bag of air and when inflated outside the tyre will always bulge at one point and will also look too big before fitting.
Most cheap tubes cover the range 1.5" to 2.25" and are perfectly satisfactory for general use.
Questions on this subject are frequent and you might like to see previous posts and my response.
also consider fitting tubes prefilled with puncture sealant.

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