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Fixed to Freewheel?
Does anyone happen to have info in converting a fixed gear bike to a freewheel? I can only seem to find the reverse conversion ... I really wanted to move on to a fixed, but the transition is not working out as smoothly as expected, and has resulted in a few accidents. Here is the bike I own:

Any info or direction you can provide would be very helpful, even if just pointing me to a web site with info. At the very least, I'd like to have an idea of what it would take and/or cost to have a bike shop do it, so I don't get charged and arm and a leg in the process.


Can you removed the fixed gear, from the 3 speed hub? If it is a standard, threaded fixed gear I would have thought you could swap it for a single freewheel.

In any case, try here:
I asked a question about riding with these hubs sometime ago but got little response, you obviously don't like the fixed wheel experience? but it does take some getting used to and is not easy for a beginner.
Xerxes pointed you to the SA website, if you read the spec (see page 24 of the product catalogue) for the S3X hub it says you can fit a freewheel, it might be worth contacting them direct for guidance.

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