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Alternative way to remove freewheel?
hey, i found this bike but the thing was when u pedal it moves, but the wheel doesn't its maybe due to a broken freewheel.

but i wanna replace it, though i been watching videos and they say i need a special tool. is there an alternative way to take this freewheel off? if not then if i buy the tool how would i know which types to get?

ps: bike is a supercycle sc1800 (canadian tire?) with a falcon freewheel
Falcon? Did you say Falcon??? Lol just kidding. Falcon Freewheels were not very consistent in their sizes. I know of 2 different freewheel removal tools! Yup I have all 2 as well! 1st one is this ... . The next one is this.... . Now you want to know how to tell which one you need. Ok first count how many notches (splines) are in the middle, then measure from spline to spline as the picture shows. Let me know here what the results are.
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I saw something with a huge allen wrench and plenty of screws and paperclips and whatnot...
Basically you remove the axle and put the wrench in the freewheel. Then stuff with metal parts. Then turn. Didn't work for me, the freewheel was too tight on the hub. Find a bike shop and ask them to remove it. They usually have the tools (wouldn't work with mine, the notches were screwed up).

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