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Mountain Bike vs Road Bike ride? Is it me?
I have a 1991 Schwinn aluminum MB had it since new. Recently I got a 1985 Fuji del Rey road bike. Love it.
I have also swapped tires on the MB putting on this tire and regreased the head.

I find now that when I ride the MB the tire tracks straight like on rails(its a center ridge tire)and turns quickly however the steering feeling is kind of dead like remote control.

The Fuji feels very lively and I wonder if its just the difference I am experiencing between aluminum MB and Quad butted Valulite steel bike or its the new tires on the MB??

Will try swapping wheels from my other MB with mild MB tires.
If I try loosening the head on the MB just a touch I start getting play .So I think the head is set right.It turns freely.
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Hehe agree with ya there, Road bikes are VERY different then MTB! Wink
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
Ye , while there is a big difference in the two bikes the biggest difference is the new tires. I put the old set on and I am getting good feedback (at least what I am used too)from the steering on the MB now.

I think that the raised center ridge tires while low resistance tend to track straight like on rails and are different than rounded profile tires. However they turn fine, I just do not get the feel I am used to.

Takes getting used to.
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Are the tyres also different widths? Fatter tyres also make the overall diameter of the wheel slightly bigger than thin ones which alters the steering geometry a little and in turn how the bike feels.

The widths of 700c tyres for road bikes don't generally vary that much, often limited by frame clearance, so the geometry change is tiny, but with tyres for 26" mountain bikes the width can vary significantly. I once fitted a set of really skinny 1" wide slicks to my MTB and it made the steering really unpleasant and twitchy, so I make sure I get tyres at least 1.75" wide now.
The original MB tires were 1.95 mild knobbies with connected center thread and the new tires are 1.50 center ridge. Check link above.

IMO its the center ridge effect, low resistance and low feedback. Feels like you are pointing the bike rather than steering it.

Hey , my road bike is spoiling me. Its like a sports car .
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I found when I moved across to the dark side of riding (road) - I am MTB through and through. I found the gears the most difficult to over come.. no safe granny gear for those hills. I stuck with it though MTB on Sat - Sun road and through the week road (to and from work) and I have found my leg strength has gone through the roof - with out that low gear ratio you HAVE to work those legs. I now kick butt on the MTB hill climbs compared to teh rest of the club. My legs are so much stronger. Also, my overall MTB control is better - I guess that is the skinny tyres and dangerous roads mean you become a little more precise in handling?
cycling since 4 years old and never looked back!
I got a serious 24T granny gear (13-30T rear) on my MB from when I was riding MB Patrol in Santa Monica Mountains. But those were serious climbs. Never needed the granny gear on street, its way too low.
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