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How to remove a Shimano 7 Speed Screw on Freewheel ?
hello everyone, I have a shimano MFTZ07 and i don't know how i can remove it. one photo of the model is here:

what tool i have to use? and what to screw? Smile
do you know any videos about it?

thanks a lot!
(08-04-2010, 05:46 PM)pippobaudo Wrote:  hello everyone, I have a shimano MFTZ07 and i don't know how i can remove it. one photo of the model is here:

what tool i have to use? and what to screw? Smile
do you know any videos about it?

thanks a lot!
Good maintenance to your Bike, can make it like the wheels are, true and smooth!
(08-04-2010, 08:53 PM)Bill Wrote:

This is not an adequate response. I wish people would ask questions... the guide to removing, posted as a response, does not relate to the freewheel the OP posted about.

THIS particular freewheel setup seems to be able to have the gears removed WITHOUT removing the freewheel. HOW do you do this?
(04-04-2013, 09:21 PM)mbman88 Wrote:  This is not an adequate response.

The OP posted about a screw on freewheel which the video linked to covers. While you can technically remove the cogs from a freewheel without unscrewing the entire freewheel, this is rarely done. Alternately, you may be asking about a cassette which is different.

What are you trying to do?

Ask an adequate question and maybe you'll get an adequate answer...
Yep, I'm with Dave, I don't understand, I have one in front of me, the individual gears (cogs or sprockets) do not come off. It's a freewheel not a cassette.

[Image: freewheel-shimano-seven-speed-14-28-freewheel.png]

You get a freewheel removal tool like this Park Tool FR-1
[Image: 3a207d7fa17bab3bcd3c6a5b4398e7137fd775d2_430x390.jpg]

Stick the end with the splines into the freewheel, apply counter clockwise rotational torque to the flats on the tool with a spanner or mount the tool in a vise and turn the wheel to loosen. The latter will apply more torque with less effort on your part.

I don't care much for the site you used in your link, I would go elsewhere, I have no suggestions for Europe or England. On the site you used they list an Icetoolz model that might fit.

[Image: icetoolz_campagnolo_cassette_and_bottom_...l_09C3.jpg]

The Icetoolz units allow the use of a ratchet or breaker bar, I believe mine will accept a 1/2" square drive.
Thanks goiz for ya help.... not really. I removed the gears myself. For anyone ELSE who's actually interested in how to do this, for my particular gearset I had to use two very, very large pipe wrenches, one to hold the gears and the other to turn the OUTSIDE gear (smallest). It turns off just like a bolt. Once that gear is off the rest basically slide of with some motivation from yourself. There are spacers between each gear. Once it's off feel free to modify your bicycle to your content. For this particular thing I am trying to build an electric bicycle and I need this junk gearset to act as "Downsizer" for gear ratio.
Like I said, thanks!!
Except that this is
1) not the answer to "how do I remove the freewheel" as in the OP (except that it seems to be a cassette...)
2) the wrong tools for the job: use two chain whips (which would have been the answer to the question that has not been asked...)

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